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Coliving is a concept of a community or group of individuals sharing accommodations as well as household amenities. In general, Coliving is often used as similar as shared accommodation; but there is quite a bit difference between just shared accommodations and Coliving. Coliving is based on the concept of two types of similarity shared by a community; one of them is the physical location; and the other one being the shared values, needs and philosophies. In a shared accommodation, essentially the second point is not assessed or fulfilled; and therefore, the shared accommodation often becomes shared unhappy accommodation. Therefore, one of the main goals of Renchant has always been to enable Coliving with state of the art machine learning procedures; so that each and every person choosing Renchant house to stay, can find the best environment to fit in and mix with.

Why Coliving is necessary in Bangalore:

In metro cities like Bangalore, young people can’t afford to buy houses or flats as soon as they need one; the main reason being high prices which are generally out of the budget. So, simply they resort to rent a pg or shared accommodations. But the main problem people face in such places are two, which are essentially lack of homely environment; and second being lack of similar minded flatmates or roommates. Here Coliving comes into play. Coliving is a win-win for everyone. A Bengali guy in Bangalore, using Renchant Coliving facility, can easily find his affordable flat, with other Bengali flatmates. The vegetarian guy does not have to face problems with the cook making non-vegetarian foods; because he can find a flat where vegetarians are staying. Similarly, that party loving guy can bring the party to his flat only, because he has chosen to stay with fun and party loving people using the Coliving services provided by Renchant.

Coliving is fine, but why Renchant:

For Renchant, customer facilities get the highest priority as Renchant was created to solve customer facilities related problems all at once. To provide the best Coliving, Renchant provides a two step solution. Renchant asks the customer for their interests, preferences and other necessary information. Then, feeding this information on the top of locations, the optimized flat with the most similar flatmates are found. For this, Renchant uses state of the art artificial intelligence models; created by experienced experts in the fields of AI. After this, the second step comes after the customer joins the Renchant household. Renchant keeps a good connection to its customers, and taking thorough feedback, it maintains the Coliving environment throughout the customer’s stay; whether it is a long stay or a short stay.


The lifestyles changes, as time changes. India has been going through a lot of changes, with the startups, digitization, cashless economy and others. Coliving is one of these new features in housing industry. In Renchant, while you opt one of the coliving facilities, you find yourself with the most amicable flatmates, the best of the amenities and a hassle-free living, where none of the tenant and owner has to worry. So, being a millenial, you too, change from pg, and book a coliving with Renchant today!



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