5 things to remember before renting in Bangalore

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Nowadays, in Bangalore, flat finding and flatmates finding has become a very problematic. There are so many types of problems, tricks and hidden charges which make many of the flat finders to get into many problems. Founders of Renchant were motivated by these problems too, to create a one stop solution to provide rental housing in Bangalore. In this article, we will discuss 5 problems which come up often while doing flat hunting.

Points to remember:

In general, while finding flats, tenants take help from different brokers. While brokers provide good number of flats, they provide different problems with that.

  1. 1) Wrong flat:

    Often brokers will show you number of flats, and let you choose from those flats. Often they later accommodate you in a wrong flat. This is not only a betrayal, but also leads you to stay in a not so good place for long times, like 11 months or more.
  2. 2) Lock in period:

    Lock in period is an important point to remember while renting your flat. In general, many of the companies, individual housings take a lockin period of 11 months and more. While in general many people stay for this long, but one should search for better options where lock in periods are as short as 3 months only. This lock in period becomes a bigger issue while people come for a short stay and gets their deposit deducted wrongfully to maintain the lock in periods.
  3. 3) Deposit money:

    While nowadays, it has become a standard to ask for only 2 month rent as deposit money, there will be plenty of people who will ask for 5-6 month rent as deposit money. Many of the newcomers even take loan or waste a big amount of their relocation fees provided by companies to pay this deposit money. But in such cases, do not yield to the options. You should only agree to provide a 2-3 month deposit money as that is what the industry standards in property estate business is taken in general.
  4. 4) Say no to brokerage:

    Brokerage, commissioned middle mans and contacts, are now an old concept. We are millenials taking flats in rent, as access is the new ownership. So, for even the dream flat too, you should not take the help of a broker or a middle man. As we saw in the first point, they often misallocate you in worse flats and do not really care for the customers as it is often a one time payment thing. The other thing is that many times the brokers will demand a month of your rent as the brokerage charge; while generally many others would do the same with half a month's rent. Also, the other thing is that, while it is enough to spend 20000 per month to live in bangalore, it does not make sense to provide a person 20000 rs, just to find a room. Therefore, it's time to shift to online rents, with zero brokerage cool methods for us millenials and it’s time to say no to brokerage.
  5. 5) Check amenities carefully:

    When people find rooms for the first time, they do not generally understand about amenities. Amenities are water supply, bed, common space, tv, gadgets, wifi, washing machine, room cleaning and other optional amenities. While some of these are necessary, some of them come as a complementary service for the beloved tenants from the landlords. But the reason you should remember these facts to check are that if one of the necessary amenities miss, you can be in a constant pain for the whole stay and therefore the experience will not be a pleasant one. Now, to check these amenities, you should take two steps in general. One is that, you should ask direct questions to the person who helps you visit the property. Second one is that you should take the property visit on your own hand a bit, i.e. see the washrooms, kitchens and other portions properly. These are the procedures to check amenities and ensure that for your stay, the amenities stay continuously and please your stay experience.heir life to the fullest.


How renchant solves these problems for tenants:

Renchant is the new-age, data driven, online rental startup. In renchant, we ensure the above points by the following measures:

  1. A) We show you the flats by mentioning the properties mentioned by name, address and rent amount. This is why you never ever get mislocated in renchant services.
  2. B) In Renchant, you are asked only for 3 month lock in period.
  3. C) Renchant takes deposit money for 2 month rent. This is returned without making problems unlike most of the rental companies, who does not return the whole deposit money.
  4. D) Renchant’s description starts with zero brokerage, and one of the goals of Renchant is abolish the brokerage systems. That’s why, in Renchant, you do not have to worry about brokerage payment anytime.
  5. E) Renchant provides a variety of amenities. The amenities include room cleaning, maintenance, wifi, water supply and many more than that.



In the end, when you are trying to find a room in bangalore, consider the fact that this is going to be a home for you soon. Therefore, be smart and check all these points for yourself. And if you are a person who wants experts to handle these things for you while you just wait and watch; just give us a call and let our experts handle all that for you. Thank you for reading! Please share, comment and let your friends know about these essential facts by telling about us to them.