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Pg i.e. paying guest is the most opted option for students who stay far from their homes all over India. Bangalore is the house of over 3,00,000 students. And most of the students come first time from their native place and opt in for pg or college hostel in general. But, ask any student in bangalore, and not a single one of them will be very appreciative of their pg or hostel experience. That’s where, Renchant’s student exclusive pg system comes in to solve the problem for once and for all. In this article, we will discuss the problems which generally occurs in a student’s time through pg stay and how Renchant creates a “one stop solution ” for all of those solutions.

Traditional paying guest system and its problems:

Traditional paying guest system includes two things:

  1. 1) a full building which is made into a hostel
  2. 2) a central amenities system
In general, a pg houses around 40-120 students in the building. In general, 3-6 students share each room, sacrificing their privacy and sane environment to study and develop during the studentship. These paying guest systems generally provide fooding and washroom as amenities. But according to most of the students, fooding provided by the pgs and hostels are neither sufficient nor hygienic. Also washrooms are generally shared par floor, which accounts for 20-30 students. In some cases, the pg facilities provide other properties as washing machines or a Tv for communities. But it is not hard to figure out that these washing machines and all are too much overloaded by the overwhelming pressure of the number of students who use these. As if these problems are not enough, above all, there are problems of overwhelming rules, regulations and dominance by the authorities of the pg and hostels. Students are restricted in their times of going out, going in; restricted to bring the relatives, restricted often to bring and eat outside food and other problems. Other than these, the general maintenance problems are a constant nuisance in such pgs. These leads to a significant drop in the stay experience of the students, thus affecting their study, sleep and rest and as a whole growth as a life. These are the problems which both Renchant crew has observed as well as suffered through, during their student life. This is the reason why Renchant has planned a one stop solution to these problems.

Renchant student hostels:

For Renchant, customer facilities get the highest priority as Renchant was created to solve customer facilities related problems all at once. To provide the best Coliving, Renchant provides a two step solution. Renchant asks the customer for their interests, preferences and other necessary information. Then, feeding this information on the top of locations, the optimized flat with the most similar flatmates are found. For this, Renchant uses state of the art artificial intelligence models; created by experienced experts in the fields of AI. After this, the second step comes after the customer joins the Renchant household. Renchant keeps a good connection to its customers, and taking thorough feedback, it maintains the Coliving environment throughout the customer’s stay; whether it is a long stay or a short stay.

  1. 1) Bigger and shared, coliving style rooms:

    Renchant accommodates students in big 3 bhk rooms, which generally accommodates around 6-9 students. A 3 bhk room comes with a big common space, with study tables specially placed for students studying or several students doing a group study. The common spaces are decorated in medium fashion with comfortable sofas and couches, supporting long term continued study and comforts. The rooms are exclusively provided to students with maximum similarity, based on clustering students of similar colleges, streams and other types of preferences i.e. eating habits etc.
  2. 2) Special study hall:

    For the special buildings made totally for students, Renchant provides study halls. Study halls are special private halls which are only for study purpose. Renchant also has planned to open relevant books library to facilitate the education of fellow students.
  3. 3) Community space for recreation:

    Each of the renchant rooms have a common, community space with Tv,couches, carrom board and some recreational books available. This provides the students a perfect environment to stay and chill for a moment after the whole troublesome day
  4. 4) Expert fooding system:

    Unlike the pgs with a central system of fooding, Renchant student pgs provide food to the students up to their wish. It operates more like a fancy canteen system, with the foods provided to each students as customized as possible. This ensures that the students get a quality food and thus ensures a one stop fooding solution for them.
  5. 5) Clean and clear rules with respect:

    most of the cases, with student pgs, the problems are caused by a dominant landlord utilizing their power and age over the students to implement some absurd and useless rules. Renchant believes in respecting each and every paying tenant equally and deals all of them with compassion. Therefore, there are no rules like guardians not allowed, friends not allowed for even small times, food allowance and other staffs similar to that. This also, in turn, helps the students be responsible enough to be tomorrow's responsible adults and let the students enjoy their life to the fullest.
These points clearly explains how Renchant solves the problem of the space, education and food as well as adds privacy, community interaction and helps an overall growth of the student community of the students.

Why Renchant and not others?

Renchant student hostels are built for students, by students and while designing them, we have actively talked and assessed ideas from students. Nowadays, lots of hostel facilities are coming up and all of them seem good to the naive eyes. But there are some catches which we will let you know and therefore help you make the right selection.

  1. A) Pricing:

    Similar hostel facilities are available in the market at a much higher rate; which is around double, and therefore, not economically feasible for the students who need the better environment, but can not afford the high costs. Renchant employees come from very humble backgrounds and therefore sympathise with the likes of them. Therefore, Renchant provides the students pgs at around the same cost as the market standard, while the services are much more superior.
  2. B) Community interaction:

    When students come to a place like Renchant student hostel, the student finds a community and therefore successfully fills up the place for his/her native home to survive in bangalore properly and excel at studies as well as life. This type of community interaction is not available in the likes of services easily.
  3. C) Location:

    people in bangalore knows it well that the traffic is terrific. Therefore, renchant provides students accommodation very near to their colleges as they save the time and energy to do something meaningful, rather than wasting time in traffic for long hours. This point is not well considered in the similar facilities often.
  4. D) Compassionate handling:

    Compassionate handling: food and thus ensures a one stop fooding solution for them.


Clearly, Renchant student pgs are one stop solution for all the students of Bangalore in the coming future. We at Renchant, are eager to nurture the younger generation in Bangalore, for their better future tomorrow. If you liked this article about Renchant student hostels, please let your fellow students know about it and spread the love today. If you are a student, and want to become a part of the cool renchant family, please refer to the contact us section of our home page. Thanks for reading!