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Shared living, coliving and community living are the three most trendy things in the real estate industries currently. As India adopts to new trends always sooner or later, India has started to adopt these three things too. But there is a long gap between the student or the person who stayed in home upto yesterday, and now today he/she is going to share a flat/house with 5 similar other persons from the outer world. As Renchant is one of the peers in the community of progressive property management gurus, we from renchant are going to give you some tips in this article, how to mentally prepare for staying in a shared living as well as how to accommodate and mix well with the other flatmates.

Why do you need to get along with the flatmates?

This is a very common question among the people who come from homes or nuclear families. Both introvert and extrovert people often feel that it is not necessary to get along well with the flatmates or you can do just fine by not mixing much with anyone. But this is the first wrong idea. Whenever someone moves into a flat, they are not only moving in to a property, but they move in with a bunch of new people. While not talking to them may give you some extra time with yourself; this is not totally a good idea.

Often flatmates are similar types of people, and therefore openly starting a talk can create a lighter, healthy and homely environment with your flatmates. While the common culture of colivings are increasingly encouraging this bond making between flatmates, this has to do with the flatmates also and therefore the effort from individual side is very much necessary to increase the quality of experience in the stay.

Therefore, it is a good practice to start talking, communicating and interacting properly from the beginning only with your flatmates. A proper amount of interaction, will get you a place within the flat soon as a friendly and amicable person, therefore easing the nuts and bolts of living experience.

What are some unwritten rules of staying in a coliving experience?

While interacting with flatmates is one of the important things to stay well in a coliving environment, some other things are there which are more subtle than this. A coliving often ends up accommodating two people sharing one bedroom and therefore significantly reducing privacy. While many have the concept, many do not get the concept of privacy that easily. Here, to protect your as well as your roommate’s privacy is a sign of respect as well as personal integrity. Also, staying with another person, in the same room, means that you should keep notes of the preference of both and should not do something which is disturbing the other; such as keeping light on upto late night, playing loud music and things like that. These things often do not come to mind of a person who is more accustomed to stay alone or in a single, personal room.

Also, in a coliving, there are many items, like kitchen, fridge, washrooms, couches etc to be shared among the flatmates. Therefore, one should use these with enough care and considerations as someone else is going to use it.

Last but not the least, some amount of common interest in the well being of each flatmate is always necessary in a coliving environment. Just like, in a home, everyone stay together, these mutual sympathy and empathy are some of the things, which are necessary to express and grow if someone is new to such a scenario.

Why often coliving is the best experience?

While all of that is said and done, it is very easy to maintain those which are mentioned above. And a student who has come out first time from his/her house, is often greeted with a warm feeling of a new home in such a place, which then soon becomes a home, far from home. Coliving becomes an experience of mental growth, a journey of becoming a more responsible and social being than a person was ever before. The strangers who today are your new flatmates, will become good friends down the lane of such a journey. And all of this, are not found in either a distant relative’s house, an overcrowded pg or a very posch single accommodation. So, it is in the best interest of every young bachelor, to embrace the wave of coliving to spend some of the best years of their life with some like minded people.

How Renchant helps you in this?

Renchant’s main motto is to solve all the rent problems as a one stop solution for rental problems. And the first of many excellent things Renchant provides is coliving for bachelors, whether they are professionals or students. Renchant uses state of the art machine learning models and intelligent reviewers to ensure that each person gets allocated with highly like minded and similar cultured person. This ensures the best experience during your stay in one of the renchant housings. Also, via thorough feedback and communication, throughout every tenant’s journey, Renchant keeps the coliving experience fresh and lively. The common spaces in spacious Renchant houses are big enough to accommodate in house parties, games and different other entertainments the residents of the flat think about. This is the reason, if you are thinking about opting for a room today in bangalore, Renchant is the best and latest option for renting your dream flat within your budget without any doubt.

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